next meeting

7pm Wednesday 6 July 2022
‘AGM + 'Life as a Councillor - David Hancock'
We will have our AGM at the beginning of the evening
followed by the talk on being a councillor.


Nice to meet you!

Join us for a buffet and various speakers.

As Tupton Film Club we wanted to provide a place where people could meet in a social event centered on a buffet. We want to continue to put on an evening’s entertainment for the people of Tupton and surrounding area.

Our aim was and still is to provide a comfortable occasion where local people can meet in a sociable, non-threatening environment, make new friendships and so be able to develop more social networks within the village.


In 2018 we changed the name from Tupton Film Club to Tupton Buffet Club.

Our plans are to have meetings (as a trial) on the first Wednesdays in October, November, December 2021 and February, March and April 2022.

Also we are meeting in a new venue: Old Tupton Methodist Church, 96, Nethermoor Road, Tupton, S42 6EN. Parking on the site for up to 20 cars.

To pay for the buffet, venue and speakers we are introducing a subscription. But for the first night it will be £5.00 per person and from November 2021 you can either pay £5.00 for the night or a subscription of £15.00 which will cover the 5 remaining meetings. You can pay the subscription on the first night.

We hope that you enjoy the buffet and the varied speakers.

Looking forward to seeing you.

P.S. If you know any good speakers please contact us.  Thank you

What's Coming Up!


No meeting of Buffet Club in JUNE:

Tupton History Society

Maureen Taylor

Queen Elizabeth’s Reign  .

7pm Thursday 2 June 2022


‘Life of a Fire Fighter’ -

David Parmley


7pm Wednesday 5 October 2022

‘Life of a Magistrate’ -

Gabbie Pattison


7pm Wednesday 2 November 2022